Open House events at the Hurlbutt Street Schoolhouse

The Hurlbutt Street Schoolhouse opens their doors to the community annually to demonstrate what it was like to go to school in the 1800's in Wilton, CT.

2018 Gingerbread Competition at Wilton Public Library

The contestants were asked to create a gingerbread house using a Wilton landmark.  Many contestants used created gingerbread houses that represented the Hurlbutt Street Schoolhouse.

Girl Scout Gold Award Recipient brings something new to the schoolhouse

Olivia Hollyer knew she wanted her Girl Scout Gold Award project to focus on Wilton’s Hurlbutt Street Schoolhouse and she did by taking the schoolhouse into the 21st century with its own website.  The full story can be found at the 'In the News" link above.

Training New School Marms and School Masters

As part of the Hurlbutt Street Schoolhouse class trip, parents become school marms and school masters after a 2 hour training program.

Hurlbutt Street Schoolhouse

Class Trips to the Hurlbutt Street Schoolhouse

Students in the 2nd and 3rd grade enjoy their time at the Hurlbutt Street Schoolhouse, learning how school was different from what they know now.